Denver My Workcation

In Denver anyone have anything they think I just have to do? I am planning to see the Red Rocks and doing the Banjo Billy bus tour.
Had my first bison burger with some truffle oil fries. Burger was good fries were awesome.



Going to bed with a heart filled with gratitude.  5 am comes soon
Good night my lovelies

My Chaotic Life

Good Morning
It has been 5 days since I posted.
I have come to realize there are only so many hours in a day. Learning to balance life is a huge job.
My realization is really not about so many hours in a day it is about over committing, wanting to do it all and learning
that it is okay to take smaller bites instead of the whole pie at once.
I am a person who jumps in head first and immerses myself into a project and what I am working on is learning how
to jump in feet first, get me feet wet and take small steps. 

This is what I have been up to:
6 days of 10 people in our home. What an awesome time we had  of healing and renewing our family relationships.
Playing wound care nurse for Bob, my husband,trying to prevent him from loosing his foot.
Created an awesome water feature on and in my house, via water pipe broke in the wall
Bonded with my grandchildren
Creating a marketing program for the coming school year to help students and staff to unlearn and relearn meal patterns
Updating and  recreating our department HACCP manual. Started out as a 266 page document and as of today it is 149 pages
Getting ready to go to Denver on Friday for 6 days and everyday living
Oh yeah and celebrating 3 special events, 4th of July, my older sons wedding anniversary and his 37th birthday.

Yep I believe it is time to reevaluate how I walk in my life.

Day 2 of family togetherness

Thank you Mr. Rooter for taking care of us today.
Oldest son offered to help around the house while here. First on the list,

Please take air filters down and clean them. Okay no problem.
Check – filters out ready to clean
Turn water hose on
Pipe in wall blows out
Mom!I need your help!
I panic what do we do
Run around trying to figure it out
Send kids in house and miss a wonderful opportunity for me and them to play in an amazing water feature.
Darn why do we have to be such grown ups